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Holistic Health Consultant For:

Lyme Disease and Co-Infections Treatment  Using European Technology

-Bio-Energy Testing                                                                          -Viruses

-Bacteria Infections                                                                         -Herpes

-Shingles                                                                                               -Heart Ailments

-Kidney Disease                                                                                -Liver Problems

-Circulation                                                                                           -Allergy Testing

..and many other diseases and ailments.


-IMRS 2000 PEMF Therapy Mat                                                -Sota Pulsing

-Bio-Resonance Therapy                                                              – EAV Testing

-Bio-Photon Light Emitter Therapy                                         -Herbal Therapy

-Chakra Balancing                                                                            -Supplements

-Nutrition Recommendation                                                      -Diet Help

-Hyperbaric Chamber                                                                    – Energy Healing

I believe that each individual is different and all improvement plans must be personalized. Through assessment and education, I help you comprehend what is going on in your body and how changes in lifestyle, diet, nutritional supplementation or homeopathic remedy can positively impact your well-being, lead to holistic healing and A Healthy Balance. My fundamental philosophy is that when the body is in balance, well-nourished, and fine tuned, it is able to self-heal and maintain vibrancy.

My Story;

In 2011, my son came back from Rhode Island with a severe bout of Lyme Disease  including all the co-infections. He knew he got bit by ticks. He was covered in them, he stated. Somehow, our entire family “caught” it.  We circled the globe looking for any relief. We visited multiple doctors, took all the herbs, concoctions, protocols, antibiotics. We spent 10’s of thousands of dollars, NOTHING WORKED! We became bed ridden. Our son was the worst, it affected his brain, he became delusional, his body would cramp up, screaming, banging on our bedroom door at night, suicidal, it was a real live nightmare. We desperately tried saving his life, as sick as we were, every day.  In between suffering, after listening, reading, researching, watching all the documentaries and fighting for a good year, we tried one more “thing”. Don’t forget, we were skeptical and DESPERATE, as many people are, after spending our entire life savings on another protocol., we kept going. This new “thing” was  a Bio-photon light emitter with all the built in frequencies associated with Lyme. This device has completely rid us of all symptoms!

I have now dedicated my life in helping people on a daily basis to get rid of this life threatening disease or other health concerns.   I have worked and apprenticed with one of the top EAV practitioners in the world for the many years and have become an EAV practitioner myself.   I have treated and helped counsel  over 100 people with Lyme with successful results.

If you would like to contact me for more information for this ground breaking treatment/health concerns and or for Lyme Counseling please contact me.

Big hugs to all.  xoxxo

Deb Langman  EAV, A.N. PMAI

Contact me: eavtesting@outlook.com

Vancouver BC

Los Angeles CA

Bellingham WA.

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