I am a 73 yr old semi retired self employed makle fighting chronic Lyme disease.  I have been self treating for 3 yrs., which has taken me from bouts of paralysis and extreme limits of movement to incremental degrees of improvement.
I was diagnoise with Lyme in 2014 and with interspection realized 1992 was the year Lyme took over my life.
I met Deb Langeman in June 2019, and listened intently as she explaineed a pathway to wellness.  Some of the things I had been doing, such as parasite cleanse now worked muh better the therapy Deb started me on.
My greatest problem has been mobility and I often compared my gait to comic Tim Conway’s Little old man shuffle.
Shorlty after starting Bio-photon (light therapy) which I did first thing every morning, I could see and feel the difference in my limbs.  Walking became less painful and each week I accomplished more and more.  I’ve making plans and fulfilling them daily.
Because of the destructive tendencies of Lyme and the way it destoyed my mobilty, at times I thought of amputation to ease the pain and with prosthetcs return some walking ability.
At the onset of treatment, my feet were in extreme state of delay.  Because of poor blood flow, fungus and other bacteria were rampant and I could not wiggle my toes.  My feet now are becoming more like normal feet and getting better each day.
At present my mobility and stability increase daily.  I now tackle tasks I could have done four or five years ago, but not three months ago or last year.
Al-British Colombia

I do not believe there is a better way to approach one’s healing journey through the body’s ailments, including so called “mystery diseases”, than considering the recommendations and care of Deb Langeman, EAV practitioner. The wonder of EAV is combined with Deb’s vast knowledge, wisdom and experience with supplements and combined health techniques. Her dedication to the patient and attention to detail are welcome traits, combined with sophisticated methodology and proven track record. She makes the most of the medical technology by applying it intuitively and conclusively. I can easily recommend Deb Langeman, EAV practitioner and health detective indeed!

Michael Lacoste B.C


I was recently tested and diagnosed with Lyme disease from Debra. I immediately started my treatment with the Biophoton light and began to see signs of improvement within a few weeks. I continued my treatment for a couple more weeks and started feeling significantly better. I have finished my treatment and am now almost completely symptom free. I highly recommend Debra, without her help I would still be struggling with symptoms of Lyme disease.

Royce D. London Ont.

In 2017 I suffered a concussion that damaged my ocular motor nerve. I was referred to a vision therapist who specializes in post concussion patients. After struggling to make any measurable headway in my recovery for over a year she suggested that I be tested for Lyme disease. She had been to a conference where she learned that there can be a connection between people who struggle to recover from concussion and underlying Lyme disease or confection. I made an appointment with Deb for EAV testing and the results showed that I was indeed infected with Lyme (among many other things!) I received bio-photon therapy for about 8 weeks which eradicated the Lyme from my system. Oddly enough, in the subsequent weeks at vision therapy my progress has begun to improve at a noticeably more rapid rate, and I am feeling significantly better and am finally feeling more like myself. I am so very grateful to Deb for the way she has monitored my progress every step of the way. She has really fine tuned a treatment that is helping me regain my life. Deb is incredibly knowledgeable and has been so caring and supportive far beyond the realm of duty, and I am so very grateful.

SHARON P. Vancouver BC

Debra’s EAV work is second to none. Her ability for precise diagnosis during the screening process is amazing as is her supplement knowledge. The whole process with the Biophoton was easy & graceful. If you want good health and are serious about your longevity then do this process.
Best thing I’ve ever done for myself.
Huge thanks Debra!!

Colin Murray BC

Apparently, I contracted Lyme disease & some of its co-infections in India in the summer of 2011. I knew something was very wrong; but even the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Vancouver could not find anything noteworthy. One local physician inferred that it was all in my mind. Because I know a lot about herbal remedies, I had the brakes on; but the car was still moving forward. This year, 2018, however, Deb Langeman pinpointed the problems; and with her help over months & months, I am on the mend. I find Deb to be very dedicated, knowledgeable & up-to-date, extremely generous, upbeat & accessible. I know she is with me for the long run, committed to my healing & regeneration. I cannot recommend her highly enough or thank her enough.

Jalien- Earls Cove BC

I highly recommenced Deb as a natural healer! She diagnosed and cured my Babesia infection that I had for over 10 years. No one in the Canadian medical system was able to make that diagnosis which is very sad.  Deb is a wealth of valuable information, her knowledge in natural medicine was outstanding.  Beyond her expertise in her field she is also very kind and compassionate. I highly recommend her as an alternative to the medical system.

Aimee-BC Canada


Thank you so much for making the Light Emitter-( bio-photon),
available for me to use. I must confess that at first I thought the
idea was hokey but was willing to try anything that offered me hope in
resolving my symptoms from Lyme disease.  I have been symptom free
since I used the light  under your instructions. I am simply amazed !
I am so glad that I listened to you and  feel that I want to share
this experience with everyone who is touched by Lyme and other
diseases that are hard to overcome. Also, thank you for always being
available to answer any questions and concerns that I had, and I had

I will be happy to speak to anyone and share my experience with this treatment.




I am truly amazed at the number of people who have been debilitated by this disease L It breaks my heart and I am so happy to share what has worked for me. I KNOW I got lucky by finding this answer.  I honestly feel like a different person.

The other therapy I used/ started with, was Bio Resonance Therapy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bioresonance_therapy

Bioresonance therapy (including MORA therapy) is a pseudoscientific medical practice in which it is proposed that electromagnetic waves can be used to diagnose and …

I started with EAV Testing to determine the ailments, and which remedies would be best suited for me.  I began with detox drops and a few supplements and when a machine was available, I started with Bio Resonance therapy and moved to Bio Photon (stronger for faster results).  I continue to take the Detox remedies – I have 3 more rounds of the daily drops 3 X day.

I did 30 mins of the Bio Photon light therapy every day for just under 30 days – I think everyone would be different based on what stage they are in – may require less or more.

Note – Herxing (google it) can be severe and uncomfortable but IS 100% WORTH IT – you need to push through it and be very gentle with yourself during the process. (IE low key, likely no working out – prepare to cry – its both an emotional and physical release)

 I recommend also adding a clean, organic diet consisting of veg and proteins (eliminate sugar, dairy, gluten and alcohol) – a clean diet (and healthy gut flora) supports the body to nourish & heal faster.

Truly yours
Traci-Vancouver BC

Hi Deb, I think I can officially say that I’m cured.  I had a few weeks of come and go neurological symptoms that would last 3 days then move to a different location, then they all stopped a couple of weeks ago.  Tonight I did the ultimate test, I drank 1 oz of pure vodka.  Normally within a few minutes I would have stomach cramps, difficulty breathing, blurred vision, inability to speak, pulse rise to 220bpm.  Tonight my blood pressure dropped from 116/84 to 91/68 over 45 minutes, then rose to normal again.  My pulse stayed a rock steady 83.

I really must thank you for developing such an amazing cure.

 Unfortunately I’m still gaining weight at a rapid pace, and the Chronic fatigue isn’t letting up a whole lot.  If you have some suggestions for this I would be grateful.

I have lost Scott Dyers number, I was wondering if you could resend it to me?

Thank you

Joanna-Calgary AB

Hi Debra, I wanted to sincerely thank you for saving my life (and family) ! I am extremely grateful for your incredible service. We have spent thousands on all sorts of protocols that never worked. The emitter was the only thing that did. We all have no symptoms. I recommend your service to anyone and advise any Lymie to contact you!



Dear Deb,

I really want to thank you for the great service and the amazing biophoton emitter. I know many are skeptical as I also have spent so much money on other things that did not work. I am well on my way to getting cured and can’t thank you enough.

Scott R.-LA Lyme Group

Dear Deb,

I just wanted to say that I am happy I found you! I have never felt better in 20 years of Lyme. The emitter has been a Godsend! I hope everyone gets a chance to use it, it will change their lives! No problem using my email.

Scott D.-Los Angeles CA.

Hi Deb she is doing well in school she has straight A’s. She has a part in the school play and joined the robotics club. She has mornings when she is very tired occasional headaches blurred vision. When starting the light emitter she would get extremely agitated I truly believe it fights against Lyme.It actually made her a bit sick. After the first 3 weeks I started to see a difference in her energy level she was able to be more of part of the family going to the beach etc. I was skeptical. I think the light combined with supplements really helped control her Bartonella. I hope others will benefit. It’s such a terrible disease. I’m grateful to have my child back.

Kelly R.  New Jersey


I was diagnosed with shingles from my physician. I declined the prescription and received treatment instead from Debra (eavtesting@outlook.com). This was a biophoton light transmitter specifically targeted for destruction of this virus. This light was used for 30 minutes per use. After 2 weeks I was retested and NO viruses of any kind could be detected. I am truly grateful that a natural cure can be the solution.

J Ho October 2017 Vancouver, B.C


I had heard positive results from EAV testing and decided to have testing done as a health check up which uncovered that I had Lyme Disease, which was very unsettling at the time. The treatment that Deb recommended was the light emitter, and after doing some research on my own, I decided to go down that treatment path consisting of three weeks of daily light emitter treatment sessions.

At the end of the three weeks my Lyme was completely gone, and follow up EAV testing has further indicated that it is gone as well. And the best part is that I had been getting sick several times a year prior to my diagnosis and I haven’t had so much as a sniffle since!

Brad, Vancouver


“27 years ago i was bit by a tick and unbeknownst to me it gave me lyme.  6 years ago blood tests revealed it to me.  I was fortunate to learn about biofeedback and the Light Emitter as a gentler way to treat this nightmare of symptoms.How grateful I am to have found Deb Langeman! She has gone above and beyond the call of duty with her treatments for me.   I will be eternally grateful!  
She is extremely thorough, leaving no stone unturned in the search for issues in every system of the body.  She is dedicated to her work and her purpose to bring healing and wellness to all who seek it.  She is extremely knowledgeable and easy to meet and talk with.  Its amazing to have a Practitioner who really cares, really listens, and really understands and is there with you the whole way.I have had lyme for so long that  I know my healing will not be instantaneous.  It took decades for my system to break down and might take years to repair.   Perhaps you can imagine having lyme for so long and what it does to the body?  I believe i was the longest treating patient thus far to finally annihilate the load on my body.    I am hopeful now that with the burden of spirochetes off my system it may actually have a chance to heal now.   I am already noticing subtle but profound changes such as being able to sleep longer and deeper.  I know it will take time, and some of the break down of the body may not ever be entirely gone, but at least I can feel the hope of not continuing to get worse and I am now having moments of feeling better.   If you are looking for answers and solutions to your health issues I highly recommend you seeing /speaking with Deb Langeman.”
Lana, BC


Wow, I’m so impressed.  Working with Deb got rid of the really bad brain fog that was a Mycoplasma infection that caused the brain fog that plagued me for years, and within a week it was gone!! Also, a chronic UTI that would come and go for years and no amount of healthy eating could get rid of it and also within a week of using her Biophoton and her protocol it was gone! I am mind blown and I don’t impress easily but the proof is in the pudding. She knows what she is doing and it works. Period. Any health ailment you have I’m 100% confident in her that she can really help you heal anything!
Amanda, BC